VJ Software for people who love GIFs

Control Options

Use MIDI controllers, the Keyboard and Mouse, or even a USB Gamepad.

Gifs as Footage

No more converting videos between codecs. Point gifSlap to your gifs folder and you're ready.

Made for Performing

Patterns are generated in real time on an independent window. Send this window to your projector and you are ready to play.


gifSlap is a GIF based VJ program

Control Options:

The control deck (pictured above) shows the visual state of all your controls. By dragging the sliders on the control deck you can change the parameters. When you turn a knob or push a button on your MIDI controller, the control deck will also update the visual state.

What can gifSlap be used for?

gifSlap is great for creating weird patterns that loop and rhythmically with the playback of gifs. It was designed as a live visuals program to enhance electronic music shows but it can also be used to create visual compositions and net art.

Where do the gifs come from?

You supply your own collection of gifs. When the program starts you're asked for the location of a folder of gifs. There is also sample pack of gifs to get you started.

What can I control?

There are tons of options to control! For instance the size, shape, rotation, opacity, movement speed, foregrounds, midgrounds, backgrounds and other simultaneous options. The full list is online at the Control Reference page.

gifSlap is more about manipulating the dimensions of the images and creating patterns rather than applying filters to the content of the images. The software has several modes and addons that allow the creation of complex patterns and combinations.

How do I use gifSlap?

Read the quick start guide.

What is the pricing model?

gifSlap is currently in beta so the reduced price tag is an indicator that more features will be added. The beta is currently priced at 39.99 and as updates come out the price will go up.

What are the minimum system requirements?

Initial tests show that 8 GB of RAM is a good minimum spec for performing with gifSlap.

gifSlap is still new and the minimum system requirements are not fully known yet. A good rule of thumb is that if you can run graphically complex games on your computer, you can run most visuals software.

The program offers you a lot of flexibility to change the display and complexity of patterns, so ultimately if the program is lagging you can always reduce the amount of simultaneous effects that are running. There is more information about how you can speed up the program at the FAQ page in the documentation.

Anything I should know about the beta?

It's a beta product and there are still a few bugs we're tracking down. As an early user your feedback is important so if you find a bug please report it at the support page.

Are there free updates?

Yes! gifSlap has an update system built in, so when an update is available an indicator will appear.

Do you sell internationally?

Yes. The transaction will be made in USD and converted to your local currency. We are using Gumroad to handle credit card processing and fulfillment of the files.

Who made this?

gifSlap is designed and developed by VCO_Vault, aka Donald Hanson and published by Gridwalk Labs in San Francisco, California.